Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Smarter marketing capabilities

Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps you to streamline and automate marketing workflows for effective targeting & segmentation with personalized content. Streamline and automate marketing workflows for effective targeting & segmentation with personalized content. Leverage AI, ML, and analytics to create tailored engagements throughout the customer journey for the highest likelihood of conversion and customer loyalty. Create targeted campaigns with customer insights and manage large-scale events effortlessly with out-of-the-box resources and performance-measuring tools.

How Will Dynamics 365 Marketing Change Your Business?

Dynamics 365 for marketing is an all-encompassing solution designed to automate and enhance personalized, responsive, and interconnected customer experiences.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Ride on marketing automation and reach out to prospects through their preferred channels. Create stage-specific assets with configurable and reusable content, monitor outcomes in real-time, and take corrective measures.

Boost customer engagement

Act on smart insights to target your audience’s pain points and count on the accurate-lead scoring feature to prioritize hot leads. Impress prospects with orchestrated journeys based on their preferences, demography, and transaction patterns.

Seamless team collaboration

A single platform that allows easy handshake between the Sales and Marketing teams enables unmatched collaboration that was previously not possible. Thus the marketing team can work more coherently and establish unhindered collaboration with other groups for cross-team visibility into relevant activities.

Efficient event management

Nail events with attendee-facing portals and registration, attendance management, and venue-logistics capabilities. Measure event impacts using the integrated AI-survey functionalities and gauge customer sentiment in real-time for improved outcomes.

The Comprehensive Dynamics 365 Overview

Dynamics 365 is a unique product that understands the changing needs of the market and how best to help your business flourish.


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Our Dynamics 365 Marketing Services

Nalashaa Digital streamlines your Dynamics 365 for Marketing journey with tailored services:

Dynamics 365 Marketing Busines Benefits | Nalashaa Digital

Dynamics 365 Marketing Implementation

Strategically plan and execute for an enhanced customer experience.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Upgrade

Elevate business deliveries seamlessly with Microsoft's Sales Management Solution.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Support

Ensure continuity and efficiency with proactive issue resolution.

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