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Dynamics 365 Business Central services are comprehensive offerings designed to unify a company's core business operations including finance, sales, service, and operations within a single application.  Our services extend to implementation, customization, migration, integration, and ongoing support, providing a holistic approach to leveraging Dynamics 365 Business Central for optimized business management.

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Our Dynamics 365 Business Central Services

At Nalashaa, our dedicated team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts specializes in D365 Business Central implementation, offering a seamless range of other services like integration to upgrades and ongoing support.

Our D365 Business Central implementation services are designed to empower organizations to expand their operations seamlessly through a unified platform. Key aspects include:

  • Discovery and Analysis: Identifying your specific needs to align Dynamics 365 Business Central with your business goals.
  • Data Migration: Securely transferring data from your existing systems to Business Central, ensuring integrity and minimizing disruption.
  • System Customization: Tailoring Business Central to fit your unique business processes, industry requirements, and operational needs.
  • User Training: Conducting comprehensive training sessions to equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use Business Central.
  • Post-Implementation Review: Assessing the system’s performance post-implementation to ensure it meets your business objectives.
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Our Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration services are designed to integrate D365 with other legacy software and Microsoft's own products, through a robust framework of data mapping, synchronization rules, APIs and integration tools.

  • Ecommerce dynamics 365 business central Integration: Integrate with platforms like Shopify and Adobe Commerce for a comprehensive online retail management experience.
  • Business central crm integration: Connect with CRM software such as Salesforce to harmonize customer data and engagement strategies across departments.
  • Business Central Finance Integration: Link with financial tools like Tipalti for streamlined financial operations, from AP automation to global payments.
  • Business Central BI Integration: Leverage Microsoft’s ecosystem, including Office 365 and Power BI, for enhanced productivity and analytics.
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Our Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade services are designed to transition your business from Dynamics NAV and other legacy ERPs, involving application and data upgrades, customization conversion, and cloud migration.

  • Technical Upgrade: Updating your system with the latest Business Central version to leverage new features and improvements.
  • Data Integrity: Ensuring that your historical data is accurately transferred and fully compatible with the new version.
  • Customization Review: Evaluating and updating any customizations to ensure they work seamlessly with the upgraded system.
  • Training on New Features: Educating your team on the enhancements and new capabilities introduced in the upgrade.
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Our Microsoft Business Central support and training services are designed with small and medium businesses in mind, focusing on:

  • On-Demand Assistance: Offering timely support for any technical issues or queries you may encounter.
  • Ongoing Training: Providing regular updates and training sessions on new features and best practices to ensure you’re getting the most out of Business Central.
  • Customization Support: Assisting with the creation or modification of custom features to suit evolving business needs.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Features

Financial Management

  • Data Connectivity: Unifies data from various departments for a comprehensive financial overview.
  • Power BI Dashboards: Enables real-time tracking of financial performances to identify trends.
  • Streamlined Accounting Processes: Automates and simplifies accounts receivable and payable tasks.
  • Data Modeling and Analysis: Allows for advanced, multi-dimensional data analysis and forecasting.
  • Custom Reporting: Offers customizable reporting options with seamless Excel integration.

Supply Chain Management

  • Automated Ordering: Streamlines inventory management with automated ordering processes.
  • Vendor Management: Enhances vendor relations and procurement strategies for supply chain efficiency.
  • Client Insights: Provides detailed insights into client behaviors and preferences.
  • Sales Automation: Accelerates the sales cycle with automation and AI-driven recommendations.

Human Resources Management

  • Centralized Records: Manages all employee data from a single platform, simplifying HR processes.
  • Automated Payroll Systems: Streamlines payroll calculations and ensures compliance with tax regulations.
  • Employee Self-service: Empowers employees with self-service portals for updating personal information and accessing benefits.

Project Management

  • Resource Allocation: Ensures precise project planning and execution with effective resource allocation.
  • Profitability Analysis: Facilitates transparency in client invoicing and profitability checks.

Data Security and Mobility

  • Robust Security: Implements stringent security measures to protect business data.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Ensures business data is accessible anytime, anywhere, enhancing mobility.

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Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation equips your business with features such as

Project Precision

  • Control projects seamlessly.
  • Forecast accurately with comprehensive analysis.
  • Track timelines and manage resources and costs efficiently.
  • Ensure invoicing transparency and GDPR compliance.

Supply Chain Automation

  • Boost visibility and automate key tasks.
  • Prevent stockouts with intelligent reorder systems.
  • Access real-time inventory for precise decisions.
  • Streamline purchase orders and optimize warehouse space.

Simplify Sales and Marketing

  • Prioritize opportunities with AI insights.
  • Accelerate sales with automation.
  • Enhance revenue with ML-driven suggestions.
  • Utilize predictive analytics for market trends.

Boost HR Efficiency

  • Streamline HR processes with comprehensive tools.
  • Centralize employee records for easy access.
  • Automate payroll for accuracy and compliance.
  • Simplify tax and generate pay slips effortlessly.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Benefits | Nalashaa Digital

At Nalashaa Digital, our seasoned Dynamics 365 consultants possess extensive experience across a wide array of D365 projects, from customized implementations to strategic migrations and beyond. Our diverse portfolio, featuring success stories in campsite management, investment firm analytics, HR enhancements, and financial management, underscores our versatile capability to drive growth and efficiency in any sector. Discover our full range of Dynamics 365 services and witness our expertise in action across various industries.


Find Answers to Your Questions

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management tool that integrates various departments like finance, sales, service, and operations, providing a unified view of your business operations. It's also known as an ERP solution.

Business Central is essentially the evolved version of Dynamics NAV, with updated technology and a modern interface. It's built on the AL code and focuses on web and mobile clients.

Yes, upgrading is possible and recommended to take advantage of Business Central's new features and technology. The process involves application and data upgrades, customization conversion, and data migration.

Business Central is versatile and can be adapted to any industry with specific add-ons for industry-related needs, making it suitable for a wide range of business sectors.

Yes, through 'extensions', you can modify Business Central to fit your specific business needs without affecting other users in the same environment.

Absolutely. You can find and purchase extensions from Microsoft's AppSource or utilize TNP-developed extensions for enhanced system functionality.

Business Central comes in Essentials and Premium subscriptions. Dynamics 365 Business Central cost for the Essentials plan begins at £52.80 per user per month, while the Premium plan starts from £75.40 per user per month.

It's a subscription service charged per user per month, with 'full users' having complete access to business application functionality and 'team members' having limited access.

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