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We help you enhance every shopping experience with D365 Retail and Commerce.

Dynamics 365 for Commerce is a next-generation solution that delivers a unified and consistent retail experience across all channels. It facilitates efficient collaboration among channels to deliver a rich and holistic shopping experience to customers. Dynamics 365 for Commerce includes sales, mobility, and intelligence to help retailers and distributors achieve more in a cloud-first, mobile-first environment. The module offers comprehensive support for a wide range of retail-only processes such as merchandising, inventory, and channel management. It offers immersive customer experiences across all retail touchpoints and helps ensure compliance with data security regulations.

How Will Dynamics 365 Commerce Change Your Business?

Dynamics 365 Commerce drives brand loyalty, revenue growth, and operational efficiency, transforming your business outcomes.

Omnichannel engagement

Delight customers with a unified retail experience across channels by connecting digital, in-store, and back-office operations. Let them engage with you on their terms while you empower your staff to better manage sales, inventory, merchandise, and delivery.

Retain the customers

Nurture lasting customer relationships and attain higher CLV with targeted promotions and loyalty programs. Boost the bottom line by cross-selling and upselling through intelligent customer data analysis. Reduce cart abandonment through trend forecasts and personalized product recommendations.

Optimize sales operations

Centralize inventory, reduce fulfillment costs, and improve stock utilization with operational insights. Equip employees with digital tools to close sales quickly. Monitor and control sales and margin performance in real-time across all storefronts with customized dashboards on any device.

Cash in on e-commerce

Use handy tools to build and manage intelligent digital storefronts powered by AI to help shoppers identify products and services that meet their needs. Integrate digital payments and apply advanced analytics to customer information for effective campaigns and lead-generation efforts.

The Comprehensive Dynamics 365 Overview

Dynamics 365 is a unique product that understands the changing needs of the market and how best to help your business flourish.


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Our Dynamics 365 Commerce Services

Nalashaa Digital streamlines your Dynamics 365 for Commerce journey with tailored services

Dynamics 365 Commerce Busines Benefits | Nalashaa Digital

Dynamics 365 Commerce Implementation

Strategically plan and execute for an enhanced customer experience.

Dynamics 365 Commerce Upgrade

Elevate business deliveries seamlessly with Microsoft's Sales Management Solution.

Dynamics 365 Commerce Support

Ensure continuity and efficiency with proactive issue resolution.

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