Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

We catalyze service operations, supercharge agent productivity, and foster customer loyalty with Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is tailored to boost loyalty by offering varied interaction modes—self-help, assisted, or on-site. Partner with Nalashaa Digital, a seasoned Dynamics 365 Customer Service implementation specialist, for tailored solutions aligned with your organization's unique requirements.

How Will Dynamics 365 Customer Service Change Your Business?

Dynamics 365 offers end-to-end solutions that optimize, automate, and streamline your business processes for maximum returns.

Intelligent case management

Let your agents draw helpful insights from similar past cases and better anticipate future requests. Equip them with easily searchable knowledge articles and AI assistance for unmatched TAT. Analyze common issues using the in-built intelligence to boost agent productivity.

Consistent experience across channels

Let customers reach out to you via SMS, phone call, or any medium they prefer with the ability to switch channels during ongoing threads. Assist customers with self-help capabilities, product knowledge repository, and access to user communities to reduce the cases reaching your team.

Reduced human interaction

Harness AI for auto case triaging and customer-facing bots for suggesting resolutions. Deploy process automation to allow agents to be in sync with other departments and stakeholders. Address problems even before they occur with proactive/predictive service models through IoT.

Keep your agents motivated

Foster an intuitive agent experience with out-of-the-box insights and interactive dashboards. Machine-driven guidance enables them to act on backlogs and priorities to improve productivity. Managers can better evaluate agent performance and monitor cases to gauge the business impact.

The Comprehensive Dynamics 365 Overview

Dynamics 365 is a unique product that understands the changing needs of the market and how best to help your business flourish.


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Key Features of Dynamics 365 for customer Service

case management icon

Case Management 

  • Fully automatic case creations based on requests from email, web, phone calls, etc
  • Case information tracking/storing (e.g., a case subject and ID, request description, history of interactions with a customer).
  • Manual case reassigning when different or deeper competencies are needed
  • Intelligent case routing based on issue types and agents’ skills.
insights icon

Customer Service Insights  

  • Customer analytics to deliver personalized replies and develop specialized offers and suggestions (e.g., customer journey, behavior, sentiment).
  • Predictive targeting involves monitoring and analyzing consumer behavior and data to find interaction opportunities, raise CSAT, and decrease cart abandonment.
network icon

Customer Interaction Management  

  • U360-degree picture of the clientele. Omnichannel consumer interaction via social media, virtual assistant, email, etc.
  • Email, entitlement, and knowledge base article templates that have already been written
  • Customer verification using voice
  • Real-time translation of consumer conversations for agents
case management icon

Agent tracking feature

  • Agent desktop with engagement transcripts and profile histories.
  • Built-in Microsoft Teams integration for efficient teamwork and quicker resolution.
  • Agent knowledge base.
  • Insights and suggestions for agents in real-time during client interactions.
  • Community portals where members can exchange advice and learn from one another.
insights icon

Self-service feature 

  • Customer chatbots that help resolve common situations without involving human personnel.
  • A knowledge base for clients with full-text and relevant searches.
  • Customer portals for ticket creation or updating, knowledge base viewing, feedback submission, and survey participation.
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Support terms management  

  • Titles that outline the conditions of various customer service tiers. Each entitlement requires a unique SLA.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs), which specify how quickly cases must be resolved and whether they need to be escalated.

Use cases of Dynamics 365 customer service

For B2B organizations 

  • Storing complete information about clients. E.g. customer company name, customer name, position in company, role, etc
  • Dynamics 365 customer service can be integrated with other solutions like ERP, sales and marketing tools, document management systems, etc. can greatly benefit an organization.
  • Serves as a knowledge base for agents. It usually contains articles and descriptions of special case studies.

For B2C organizations  

  • Automated case creations can handle any number of customer issues
  • Customer self-service portals with FAQs and knowledge base for reference.
  • Multiple channels of communication. Social media to SMS and everything in between.

Claim management for insurance companies.  

  • Portal-based self-service claim registration.
  • Key claim case information, such as loss data, people involved and their properties, and injury detail
  • Claims are assigned to customer service agents in accordance with rules

Case and incident management   

  • A reporting tool that offers a summary of incidents and the findings of root cause analyses.
  • A central location for the documentation of all incidents..
  • Setting up timers and SLAs (to specify how quickly incidents must be resolved).

Our Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Nalashaa Digital streamlines your Dynamics 365 for Customer Service journey with tailored services:

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Strategically plan and execute for an enhanced customer experience.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Upgrade

Elevate business deliveries seamlessly with Microsoft's Sales Management Solution.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Support

Ensure continuity and efficiency with proactive issue resolution.

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