Dynamics 365 Portals

We help you craft personalized experiences using Dynamics 365 portals. From customer self-service to partner collaboration, explore a seamless digital journey.

Dynamics 365 Portals is a solution that can help businesses improve customer and partner engagement, reduce support costs, and provide a better user experience. The best things in the world don’t cost a dime. So why pay for transparency and engagement with your stakeholders? Most businesses struggle to connect what goes within the organization with those who matter. Even when they do attempt that, steep investments, poor user experience and/or maintenance overheads are unwanted derivatives.

Enhance user experiences with Dynamics 365 portals

Here’s Why It’s a No Brainer…

No additional license cost

Pre-integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM


Ubiquitous access

Dynamics 365 customer portal | Nalashaa Digital

Engage Your Customers

Cross-platform, pre-built & integrated Customer Portals for an immersive experience

Deliver educational content | Facilitate learning and troubleshooting | Self-service enablement | Targeted Cross/Up-selling | Invoice, payments and more

  • Customer Delight
  • Great Wallet Share
  • Lower Customer Service Cost

Empower Your Employees

Secure, ubiquitous, out-of-the-box Employee Portals for inclusive growth

Cross-departmental communication | Controlled access to relevant customer data | Streamlined, unified announcements | Targeted training and skill-development | Self-service – HR, finance, ticketing and more

  • Motivation
  • Transparency
  • Empowerment
Dynamics 365 employees portal | Nalashaa Digital
Dynamics 365 partner portal | Nalashaa Digital

Collaborate With Partners

Unified, transparent, intuitive out-of-the-box Partner Portals for deeper intimacy

Controlled visibility – quotes, orders, payments | Self-service – Status, feedback, clarifications and more | Foster competition – Leaderboards, programs etc. | Targeted/broadcasted announcements | Onboarding, performance, management ++

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Responsiveness

Bond With Community

Listen, network and innovate with your eco-system via Community Portals for continued sustainability

Listen for Grievances, concerns, feedback and perspectives | Understand their challenges, priorities, considerations | Involve them and co-ideate to build/improve solutions | Targeted/broadcasted announcements | Improve brand visibility by engaging community

  • Inclusivity
  • Brand Awareness
  • Voice of community
Dynamics 365 community | Nalashaa Digital

Not Yet Convinced?

Here are a Few More Reasons…

Easily Configurable

OOB workflows that can be tweaked to taste

Multilingual Support

Without any additional programming

Cross-platform Access

Consistent UX across devices for better adoption

Free Licenses with Dynamics 365

Yes, it’s true, you don’t need to pay for it

Totally Secured

Leverages your Dynamics 365 security infrastructure

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