A prominent enterprise in the energy generation and base material sectors required the analysis of incoming data from regulatory bodies. They sought insights to be displayed on a Power BI CRM dashboard, which would be integrated with MS Excel for enhanced data visualization and decision-making.

Data insights with PowerBI for faster incoming data anaylysiss



Huge data from different governing bodies which will grow not only in size, but also in structure over a period of months. There also exists many data type issues and typecasting issues spread across multiple data sets. There were also one-to many relationships which between the tables were causing duplicate records.



Data Models / Views were created for the unique data sets and then we built up cubes which were then exposed in Power BI as tables. Star Schema was used for data modelling, cache mode helped to push the data to Power BI web and clustered, non-clustered and covering index is defined on base line basis.



Data visualization solution focussed on bringing in means to view various data types cummulatively and concisely for faster inferences. PowerBI was the choosen tool to implement the solution for the energy enterprise.

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