The legacy versions of CRM will be out of the market soon, which demanded this mortgage lending firm to upgrade from MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Dynamics 365 (online). Furthermore, they required syncing data from the website to enable productive customer relationship management.

Client Requirement

The limited functionalities in marketing options and unfeasibility of CRM v4.0 which is costing money and time are driving firms to upgrade their CRM to the latest versions. Compatibility and support issues are hindering the business workflows which necessitates the client to upgrade to Dynamics 365 from CRM v4.0. The data from the website for marketing activities were manually documented and email campaigns were manually categorized and organized which needed to be automated.


The new set of features and modules introduced in Dynamics 365 includes advancements in intelligence, mobility, and service, with significant productivity enhancements those are on par with the complex business needs of a mortgage firm. Through native integration with web services, the data entered in the website by visitors were synced with CRM eliminating the need for manual data entry. Next generation of Dynamics 365 for marketing enabled sending automated emails based on service variant and improved the tracking of the mails.

Improved Workflow Coordination

Increased Productivity in Marketing

Reduced Lead Leakagee

Technology Stack

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