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Field service is one of the most intimate, in-person interactions with your customers. When it’s impeccable, it meets with a smile on their face and that goes way beyond loyalty. Dynamics 365 helps you delight customers while easing things for your service managers, dispatchers, field technicians and customer service agents leveraging smart features. Its customizability, rich OOB feature-set, workflow depth and cutting-edge sophistication make it an irresistible choice for every field-service operator.

Dynamics 365 Professional Contracts | Nalashaa Digital

Professional Contracts

Tie agreements with service activities, SLAs, billing, CSAT for predictable account retention and growth.

  • Pre-built and configurable, service agreements, work orders, SLAs, payment terms
  • Manage recurrence, anomalies, timing of orders, products, invoices etc.
  • Conditional entitlements – Discounts, freebies, prioritization
  • Automatic mapping of quotes, invoices to agreements for accelerated billing

System-Assisted Scheduling

Maximize return on assets by optimizing utilization of staff, equipment & assets.

  • Book individuals, crew, pools, facility/resource for max utilization
  • Skills, availability, geo, preference-driven recommendations
  • Automatic traffic-aware routing, assignment, geolocation of resources
  • Book from Work orders, requirements, schedule board
Dynamics 365 System Assisted Scheduling | Nalashaa Digital
Dynamics 365 Optimized Inventory | Nalashaa Digital

Optimized Inventory

Drive superlative financial outcomes through better forecasts, fewer leakages and just-in-time availability.

  • Process RMAs, transfers, adjustments, vendor returns
  • Manage Warehouse, POs, shipping partners centrally
  • Setup customer assets, catalogs, tag to service locations
  • Define purchase terms, tag to POs, identify violations etc.

Smart Field Service

A contextually aware, amply skilled and timely available field force for first-time-fixes, on-site and from afar.

  • Job, customer data on mobile, even when offline
  • Alerts, messages, reminders, push notifications
  • Mixed reality-driven remote assistance through HoloLens
  • Geofencing for live-tracking and fraud prevention
  • IoT to auto-diagnose, create cases, schedule visits for predictive maintenance
Dynamics 365 Smart Field Services | Nalashaa Digital
Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement | Nalashaa Digital

Engaged Customers

Build brand allegiance through information transparency, tool enablement and consistent system-directed processes.

  • Track past/upcoming appointments & cases through portals
  • Real-time technician tracking – ETA, photo, vehicle info. etc.
  • Closed-loop feedback, updates through text/voice
  • Proactive communication, transparency, self-service

Empowered Employees

Assist, equip and monitor your team for a higher happiness quotient and exceptional customer experience delivery.

  • Step by step guidance on processes, procedures, regulations
  • Forecast resource requirement for orders/cases/visits
  • Contextual product manuals, support/training artefacts at fingertips
  • Track SLA compliance, utilization, satisfaction, trends on dashboards
Dynamics 365 Employees Engagement | Nalashaa Digital

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