A large wheelchair manufacturer headquartered in Sweden was facing challenges in operations management due to poor cross-departmental collaboration as a result of the limited in scope on-premises intranet. The major drawbacks were the lack of data security, access permission levels, and inter-branch data sharing.

Document management was a pain point as the isolated intranets didn’t allow for ubiquitous file sharing, easy location of documents in folders and sub-folders, and access to data. The dependency on in-house emails was significant and there were even instances of document loss that hindered productivity and triggered financial predicament in the company.

Client Requirement

The client wanted to upgrade to a solution that facilitates seamless metadata management for its far-flung 700 employees worldwide. Better data management implied data security, custom views, data segregation, and document workflows to boost productivity.


A group of engineers from Nalashaa conducted a detailed workflow analysis and re-engineered the various processes into a collaborative workflow by implementing SharePoint. SharePoint enabled unhindered sharing of data, ideas, information, and other media files. Document management was further boosted by the versioning capabilities that eliminated the chances of document misplacement.

Nalashaa implemented dashboards to enable easy location of files, people, and other information from the database and notifications for tasks and updates. This boosted cross-departmental collaboration and resulted in better productivity. For instance, now the inventory department can share live updates of the stock and the same can be accessed by the purchasing department, thus streamlining procurement and inventory management.

For employee engagement, sites and portals were built to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information by using the Community Site template in SharePoint Online. These portals also assisted in generating helpful insights and leveraging collective knowledge.

Portals and community-building capabilities to drive employee engagement.

Effortless collaboration by optimizing data and information exchange.

Data security through permission levels.

Technology Stack

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