CRM solution is vital for business growth and a compromise on quality support could be fatal. Which is why a Swiss financial investment firm trusted Nalashaa with their CRM customization, quality assurance and complete functional requirement and technical documentation for business users as well as customer support.

Client Requirement

The decade-old solution that the customer was using did not have sufficient end-user documentation, thus limiting adoption. Absence of design details such as process flows, plug-ins, entities, and application behavior made troubleshooting difficult while stretching resolution times. Structured end-to-end testing was never performed as specialized skills were not available with the in-house team. This made it difficult to identify the expected application behavior from defects. In addition, the out-of-the-box features that Dynamics CRM provides were a bit overwhelming for the client. They wanted Dynamics 365 customizations to simplify the workflows and improve employee productivity.


With many years of experience in MS Dynamics, Nalashaa analyzed the customer’s CRM system and documented the complete business process, technical design, analytical reports, and security concept that are essential to maintain and enhance the solution. Several features were customized to align with the client’s business requirements which included workflow modification and various charts for analytical purpose. Custom functionalities such as tracking opportunity stage changes and updating associated records on account deactivation helped simplify the processes and improve employee efficiency. To enable better access control, various security roles and privileges were introduced and configured. As the application was getting customized, the quality assurance team documented around 500 test cases to ensure completeness of testing every time the solution undergoes major or minor changes. The complete solution was tested against these once the customization was completed.

Easier Troubleshooting for Future

Optimized Workflows

Better Track of Application Behavior

Reduced End-User Training

Technology Stack

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