Superlative CRM application is required for effective customer relationship management. To build robust relationship with its customers, the client wanted its system to be upgraded from MS CRM 2013 to Dynamics 365. They had numerous applications developed on ASP .Net to align with their business needs and had to be migrated to Dynamics 365 as well.

Client Requirement

Many custom solutions such as Customer Reporting, Order communication were integrated with CRM 2013. The solution-set also involved various non-CRM SQL databases. These customized ASP.NET applications needed to be integrated and connected with Dynamics 365. Integrating, monitoring or upgrading this complex network of CRM and non-CRM entities is not a small feat. It is prone to errors as the existing references may fail and the applications may need to be rebuilt using the latest references which essentially calls for experienced minds to decipher business needs and rebuild them from scratch.


While upgrades might appear to be a straight-forward process, the extent of customization raises the complexity of it. In this case, our dedicated team worked out a solution which would cause no disruption of workflows, yet impeccably move the CRM system to the all-new Dynamics 365. After taking a copy of client’s database, the team went through the upgrade and focused on the scripting and functionality that has been deprecated in the previous version. As expected, there were a lot of compatibility and configuration issues due to legacy .Net code used in the applications. Our planning and experience helped in the preparations and troubleshooting, to ensure a smooth switch-over. The customized applications were integrated with Dynamics 365 and a go-live was made possible in 12 weeks.

Efficiently Automated Workflows

Improved End-user Adoption Due to Superior UX

Anytime, Anywhere Availability

Technology Stack

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