In finance management, excellence is crucial. To effectively manage incoming donations, process claims, and handle investments, the client needed to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Charities in their finance and operations.

Client Requirement

The client envisioned an RCM solution that can be offered as an independent plug and play service integrated with any EHR, while also supporting the in-house EHR system.. They wanted to cover many administrative and financial workflows such as Patient Intake, scheduling, eligibility checks, prior authorizations, claim cycle, resubmissions, COBs, remit posting, denial manager, billing reports, dashboards etc. The objective was to introduce transparency for quick edits, update providers with every possible claim edit, seek approvals from billing supervisors & providers, reduce the claims TAT and improve receivables.


The humongous flow of donations in a successful charity needs technical aid for effective management of financial affairs. Dynamics 365 for finance and operations facilitate informed decision for judicious transfer and investment of money. The predefined OOB features and easy integration with other systems define Dynamics 365 as a sage CRM partner. After analyzing the client’s business characteristics, Nalashaa’s CRM team suggested integrating Azure Cloud Service with Dynamics 365 to handle bulk operations which involves unlimited users, unlimited donations, donation splits, online donations and investments. The implementation and integration process was completed in 10 months equipping the client with improved donation management system.

Unified Operations

Elevated Financial Performance

Agile Event Coordination

Technology Stack

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