Microsoft Dynamics 365 Updates: What it Means for Your Business

Jul 28, 2023 Aiswarya Madhu

Microsoft has unveiled its plans for the 2023 Release Wave 2, which includes a range of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Power Platform updates. These new capabilities are set to be released between October 2023 and March 2024, showcasing Microsoft's commitment to driving digital transformation for its customers and partners.

Dynamics 365 Updates for Sales and Customer Engagement

Introduction to Microsoft Sales Copilot (formerly Viva Sales) & Generative AI

One of the key highlights is the introduction of Microsoft Sales Copilot. This tool is designed to boost seller productivity, reduce workloads, and save time by providing AI-generated lead and opportunity summaries. Sellers can now make informed decisions based on real-time insights, enhancing their sales processes.

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Capabilities and Features

  • AI-Generated Sales Proposals

    Dynamics 365 for Sales will introduce AI-generated sales proposals using existing data. These proposals will maintain a consistent style and format, and they will be output in PowerPoint format for easy editing and sharing. This feature expedites the proposal creation process, allowing sellers to focus more on closing deals.

  • Sales Reply Automation

    Dynamics 365 Copilot can automatically create sales replies to customer e-mails, reducing response time and improving customer satisfaction. Soon, it will offer the ability to propose meeting dates and times with e-mail replies, utilizing the seller's Outlook calendar for optimal scheduling.

  • Sales Call Recaps and Action Items

    Copilot offers the capability to create recaps of sales calls and generate action items based on CRM and meeting data. Sellers will receive recommended tasks to follow up on incoming emails directly within the Up-Next Dynamics widget and the Copilot pane. This feature simplifies task management and ensures that important actions are not overlooked, improving overall productivity.

  • Transition from Sales Accelerator to Sales Engagement

    Microsoft is rebranding the Sales accelerator as Sales engagement. This feature empowers sellers to engage with customers using AI-driven insights to accelerate and standardize the selling process, leading to improved customer relationships and increased sales efficiency.

  • Streamlined Follow-Ups with Repeated Evaluations

    Sales engagement will streamline follow-up with prospects and customers by allowing repeated evaluations of sequence steps until exit criteria are met. The system will automatically keep track of the steps needed to follow up with each person, and it will keep evaluating whether those steps have been completed. This way, the sales team can keep trying to connect with customers until certain conditions are met or until a successful outcome is achieved. This automation will save time and effort for the sales team and ensure that important interactions with customers are not overlooked or forgotten.

  • Enhanced Notifications for Incoming Leads and Opportunities

    To help sellers seize opportunities promptly, Sales engagement will introduce new notifications that alert sellers to incoming leads and opportunities upon successful assignment. This feature ensures that no potential business is overlooked, leading to faster response times and enhanced lead management.

  • Conversational Bots with Power Virtual Agents

    Copilot seamlessly integrates with Power Virtual Agents, enabling conversational bots to access company data and offer personalized assistance to customers. This level of automation enhances customer interactions and streamlines support processes.

  • AI-Powered Assistance in Customer Service

    In Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Copilot provides "24/7 AI-powered assistance" to customers, resolving issues efficiently and effectively. This round-the-clock support boosts customer satisfaction and improves service operations.

  • AI-Generated Product Descriptions in Business Central

    Copilot for Dynamics 365 Business Central generates AI-written product descriptions that align with specific tones and lengths. These descriptions can be easily edited and uploaded to online stores, saving time and effort for businesses.

  • Proactive Issue Flagging in Supply Chain Management

    In Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Copilot proactively identifies external issues, such as weather events, financial news, and geo-political updates, that may impact key supply chain processes. This foresight enables businesses to make informed decisions and maintain smooth operations.

Combining Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights

Microsoft is bringing together the power of Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights to offer a unified and comprehensive solution called Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. This new solution provides a range of tier options to suit your unique usage needs and requirements.

By combining Customer Insights - Data (formerly known as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights) and Customer Insights - Journeys (formerly known as Dynamics 365 Marketing), businesses can now elevate their customer experiences with two independently adaptable apps.

Customer Insights - Data: Building a Unified 360-Degree Customer Profile

With Customer Insights - Data, you can create a real-time 360-degree profile of your customers, empowering you to gain a comprehensive understanding of their preferences, behaviors, and interactions.

Read more about Dynamics 365 - Relationship Insights here.

Key features include:

  • Unified Customer Profile: Create a holistic view of each customer by consolidating data from multiple sources.
  • Real-time Updates: Keep customer profiles up to date with the latest information.
  • AI-Driven Segmentation:Effortlessly categorize customers using everyday language to target the right audience effectively.

Customer Insights - Journeys: Delivering Personalized Experiences

Customer Insights - Journeys allows you to act on the valuable customer understanding obtained from Customer Insights - Data. This enables you to deliver highly personalized experiences that resonate with your customers.

Key features include:

  • Real-Time Marketing: Embrace modernized and efficient customer engagement with real-time marketing capabilities.
  • AI-Powered Copilot: Leverage AI to effortlessly create engaging email content, rewrite existing content, and craft new journeys using simple language descriptions.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Data to enhance every interaction with customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Updates

  • Overflow Handling for Queues

    Admins can now use overflow rules to manage lengthy wait times in queues more effectively. When wait times exceed a specified threshold, the system can automatically transfer work items to other queues or route them to voicemail, ensuring timely handling of customer requests. This feature optimizes queue management and enhances customer satisfaction by minimizing wait times.

  • Improved Search Control

    An enhanced search control is introduced on all forms, simplifying navigation within the subject-tree hierarchy. Agents can now easily find and access relevant information, enabling faster issue resolution and improving overall productivity.

  • AI-Generated Support Case Summaries

    With the general availability of Copilot AI, customer service teams can benefit from AI-generated support case summaries. These concise, natural language case summaries provide a quick overview of customer issues, helping agents grasp key details rapidly and streamline case handling.

  • Conversation Summaries

    Copilot will now offer on-demand auto-generated summaries of chats and transcribed conversations. Agents can quickly review previous interactions, saving time and ensuring a more personalized customer experience.

  • Chat Knowledge Discovery

    With the general availability of Copilot chat knowledge discovery, agents can troubleshoot issues using conversational chat and receive responses from knowledge posts and external sources. This feature empowers agents to provide accurate and timely support to customers, boosting service efficiency.

  • Single-Click Email Replies

    In January 2024, the single-click email reply feature is expected to be generally available. Copilot uses context from email conversations, case notes, and knowledge articles to produce personalized emails. Agents can select from predefined prompts to draft an email quickly and then fine-tune the response, increasing responsiveness and reducing resolution time.

  • Unified Routing - 'Least Active' Method

    Organizations can now leverage the 'Least Active' routing method for unified routing. Calls will be directed to agents who have been idle for the longest period, ensuring a balanced distribution of workload and optimizing agent efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Enhancements

Work Order Management:
  • Direct work order generation from quotes streamlines the transition from quotes to execution, ensuring efficient service delivery.
  • The simplified booking completion process allows greater flexibility in handling follow-ups, maintaining accurate resource utilization.
Frontline Worker Documentation Management:
  • Certification documentation for frontline workers is centralized, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • All essential certifications, licenses, and insurance documents are easily tracked and managed within the system.

Power Platform Updates with Copilot Generative AI Capabilities

  • Building and Editing Apps with Natural Language

    App makers can now utilize Copilot's generative AI capabilities in Power Apps to build and edit apps using natural language. This feature simplifies the app development process, as Copilot can handle tasks such as adding screens, editing properties, and linking to data, all through natural language commands.

  • Writing Formulas with Natural Language

    Copilot enhances the formula-writing experience in Power Apps by enabling app makers to write formulas from natural language. This replaces earlier functionality through Power Apps Ideas and streamlines the process of creating app logic and functionality.

  • Expanding Power Virtual Agents Bot Capabilities

    Power Virtual Agents benefit from Copilot's abilities to evolve bot capabilities. This includes enabling actions for a website Copilot, which allows the bot to complete actions for users, making interactions with bots more seamless and efficient.

  • Leveraging Data Sources for AI Generative Answers

    Investments in Power Virtual Agents expand the sources that bots can use, including Dataverse and SharePoint content. Bot makers can now connect a SharePoint directory, site, or library to retrieve relevant information for AI generative answers, making bots more knowledgeable and valuable.

  • Preview Feature for Importing Language Understanding Resources

    A new preview feature allows bot makers to import existing conversational language understanding resources and use them within Power Virtual Agents. This enables the bot to better understand and respond to user queries.

  • Microsoft 365 Business Chat with Dataverse Backing

    Microsoft 365 Business Chat utilizes information backed by Dataverse, enabling sellers to gain insights about their customers and prospects effortlessly by directing questions to the Microsoft Teams Copilot. This integration combines the power of large language models with data in Dataverse to deliver valuable insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Updates or Upgrades, We’ve Got Your Back

Microsoft Dynamics, like many other platforms, undergoes frequent upgrades and updates to continuously enhance its capabilities and deliver an exceptional user experience. The dynamic nature of the business landscape demands constant evolution, and Microsoft remains committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

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