Dynamics 365 - Enhanced coordination for Field service

Apr 19, 2018 Mohamed Irfan

Dynamics 365 helps field services in a host of activities. Field technicians can store, update and access information whenever needed and it also enhances customer visibility, which helps to maintain a healthy customer relationship for a  longer period.

The Field Service feature helps to interact with technicians and also helps them know detailed task information as assigned by the team. Centralizing all the information in a single system helps to better target customers by segmenting them.

Now, let’s understand the specific features which enable superior field service capabilities within Dynamics 365.

Optimized Scheduling:

  • Organize people and equipment in the field with precise manual or automated scheduling.
  • Easily assign the right resource for the right job in the field
  • Create a smarter workspace and assign many tasks or appointments easily.

Contract Management:

  • Bring in more customer visibility
  • Maintain service contracts with the customer Including i)contract information ii) billing information iii) time period and iv) no of technicians working on to it– Bring in new sales opportunities to gain additional revenue

Inventory Management:

  • Maintain inventory information such as inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries.
  • Keep a detailed record of each new or returned product as it enters or leaves a warehouse.
  • Handle inventory properly neither losing potential sales nor wasting money by stocking too much inventory.

Mobile Productivity:

  • Improve field processes by giving a 360-degree view of customer or product information with real-time data.
  • Access information when needed, across devices and from anywhere.
  • Manage and edit work orders anytime by the technicians.

Connected Field Service:

  • Remote access for devices to help detect and resolve issues seamlessly.
  • Reduce manpower requirement and in turn overall costs by remote monitoring

Customer Communication:

  • Easier communication to ensure positive interactions at all times
  • Customers portals enable a complete two-way communication channel, accessible at all times
  • Automated customer escalations, to bring a customer-centric approach

Dynamics 365 for Field Service offers complete Field Service management solution from customer assets to analytics for a productive business experience.

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