A boutique investment firm needed CRM enhancements to access data quicker and also a SharePoint system which would allow for better and secure document management. Financial reports which were in use were to be updated and a large database which was in use was to be maintained on the move from on-premise to online version for Dynamics CRM and SharePoint.

Client Requirement

All data was to be available on the Online version and the migration from on-premise to cloud was to be done with no disruption. The client used the notes feature and mapping the specific notes to individual users was required in spite of a large database to handle on the cloud. SharePoint access control was mandatory for their sensitive legal document repository.


Nalashaa implemented Dynamics CRM 2016 Online and SharePoint Online to curtail maintenance costs and yet brought about all existing functionalities available on the on-premise version to the online system and also introduced new features for better data handling. Custom dev codes were employed to ensure import of on-premise data to online occurred without loss of data.

Technology Stack

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