Enormous data requirements and reports in foster care and child services sector need an augmented CRM for efficient document management and precise analysis. The client required CRM custom dashboards with various functionalities for their CRM version 2013 for resourceful workflow.

Client Requirement

Managing the numerous processes involved in foster care sector like information acquisition and creating reports requires proficient CRM system. This should be aligned with the unique business needs of each sector to ensure convenience and improve productivity. The client also required customization of CRM system which has a single dashboard with various functionalities, with access based on the user logged in to the system.


The CRM experts’ team of Nalashaa enabled the enrichment of the client’s CRM solution for amplified business growth. The enquiry forms and phone calls were integrated with the CRM system for efficient customer relationship management. The team created custom entities to suit the workflow of the client which are accessible based on the security roles. This includes recording customer interactions, data management and analytical reports which helped in the optimization of time and labor management. Equipping a single dashboard with multiple tabs for different features which included home visit booking calendar, custom alert messages for notification and reminders, and various reports aided business advancement. The CRM was integrated with Agresso System to facilitate data transmission for convenient ERP management.

Optimized Workflow
Productive Time and Labor Management
Improved Business Intelligence

Technology Stack

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