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Mar 03, 2014 Aathira Nair

Businesses, especially small businesses, are particularly looking for ways to increase sales and capture new customers. Apart from sales and stellar delivery, customer service has become very important, as happy customers will always return.   Why small businesses fail to grow shows that there exists more than one way for a company to fail. But with Dynamics CRM 2013, there is a method to solve the customer attitude issue, which is one of the first things you need to tackle. If the customers do not have a good experience, then there is only so much a good leadership or great technology can do.

2 reasons why your attitude towards customers matter the most: –

  • Social media being the channel for venting discontent and sharing happiness, it is very important every company comes across as accessible and customer friendly
  • With the number of options out there, it is important to see how you can provide a personal, memorable experience with every interaction with your customer

What does Dynamics CRM 2013 have to offer?

  • Inbuilt workflows and approvals: An easy to use interface with inbuilt sales automation and customer service automation
  • Gives you all needed information in a central location : Integration with tools such as Outlook, Office and Skype adds collaboration and productivity to all devices anywhere
  • A system designed and centered around data: The new system shows all the needed information in a single screen user interface making it process-centric and outcome oriented
  • Custom workflows: Real time workflows can be created through a web application by a non-developer using workflow designer to execute immediately
  • Synchronization: The server side synchronization through Exchange server requires no separate mail router
  • User Interface: All new navigation layout of Dynamics CRM 2013 works best for touch screen devices as well as for the mouse, making it much simpler to use than the previous versions
  • Portable Business Logic: Dynamics CRM 2013 allows to create logic functions through its logic wizard, within forms and set criteria as required

This Dynamics CRM 2013 package from Microsoft allows for a great system to be built for small businesses to serve their business needs. But, to enhance the platform and build on its capabilities, an experienced partner can provide add-ons as per particular process requirements.

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