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Jan 18, 2017 Aathira Nair

Dynamics 365 has brought in one-click integration of business solutions through Apps. The apps cover a range of needs such as sales, recruiting, payments, analytics, forecasting and much more. Microsoft AppSource is more than just a destination for SaaS business apps, it is a growing community for every user of Microsoft technologies to cater to their needs with minimum technology know-how and associated development times.

Since its launch in July, AppSource has been a thriving ecosystem providing add on solutions from support categories like marketing, finance, HR to industry specific solutions for logistics, manufacturing, retail to name a few. These apps work out to be quick, powerful and cost effective for Business Units to achieve their technology requirements without getting to the rut of long implementation cycles.

Each month, more and more apps and add-ons meet the app listing criteria and are added on Microsoft AppSource.  Business users can easily find and use the trial option for line-of-business (LOB) or software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps with implementation support from certified Microsoft partners. AppSource allows users to scan apps by category, such as collaboration, analytics and marketing, or by industry, such as agriculture, finance or healthcare. The search engine for the store also includes contextual in-app galleries that display apps specific to the user, their company or their industry.

From a post where engineers who were involved in the making of AppSource spoke about what they saw in the product, here is what they had to say –

What are the benefits for customers and for ISVs listing on Microsoft AppSource? 

For customers, Microsoft AppSource is your destination to easily find and evaluate the apps from Microsoft and our partners that drive your business.

For ISVs, Microsoft AppSource is your destination to market line-of-business (LoB) SaaS apps to business users. Drive discoverability and usage of your apps within an existing global network of business customers through co-marketing opportunities, lead generation and the support of Microsoft’s worldwide ecosystem and sales force. Harness Azure’s leading, secure and intelligent cloud services platform and tools to deliver differentiated apps to customers.

Now let’s have a look at some of the apps which are available on AppSource:

DocuSign for Dynamics – Electronic signatures come to Dynamics which will make workflow and approvals simple, secure and fully digital

Organization Insights – Important adoption and use metrics for your Dynamics 365 organization. It will help you resolve support issues at the earliest and stay ahead on performance.

Telephone Integration – Connect your phone system to CRM and get Click-2-Dial, Caller-recognition, Screen-Pops and much more

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