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Jul 03, 2014 Aathira Nair


With the spring release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1, Microsoft has brought in a tool which has become synonymous to ‘Today’ – Social Listening. 

In this first part of our Social Listening series, we will discuss about what social listening brings to Dynamics CRM 2013. In the second part we will look at how this can be put to use effectively on the field.

Microsoft Social Listening is a cloud application provided within the Dynamics CRM suite, which went online for trial and purchase for customers from May 2014. As an added advantage for Microsoft Dynamics Online customers with 10 or more subscriptions, they automatically get access to Social CRM. With Social Listening, you can search the web for conversations about your brand and analyze the results to come to a conclusion on the nature of sentiment and their source. It also provides users with the platform through which you can interact with your social stakeholders on various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

19 languages help every brand analyze the sentiments and conversations in native tongues too.

Language is a key aspect in understanding new markets and specific market concerns. You can analyze which posts did well, and which drew maximum traffic. This can prove very important for a Marketing manager in understanding the brand presence and building on it using the positives. Searching for specific keywords in different languages will help in analyzing the sentiments and these keywords can be refined by excluding specific sources, authors or phrases to collect more relevant and accurate data for analysis.

Social centered selling

For sales personnel, Social Listening will be the tool for gaining helpful insights on the brand sentiment, and to research competitor brands. The Social Listening tool is developed in such a manner to help every user drill down data with a few clicks, hence unearthing hidden gems. Customer service can pick up tremendously as now, you do not have to make different queries to identify the customer grievances, but rather you have a dashboard where all the negative emotions and concerns are segregated for your immediate action. Insights from InsideView help in social centered selling, providing every sales person the key data required to garner trust, and answer customer queries. Social CRM helps to build an open communication channel, credibility and integrity which works to in turn build trust.

Where can you Listen?

  1. Monitoring campaigns: Understand how your marketing messages and campaigns impact social sentiment in real time
  2. Influencers: Track who are talking about your brand and the influence and traction they are building
  3. Social buying: Spot purchasing signals through targeted keyword search and generate leads
  4. Customer Servicing: Track your current customers to render a personalized interaction
  5. Social customer service: Collaborate with customers across the web to solve concerns and build a customer-friendly brand

Nalashaa has been pioneering in various Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 implementations and migration works. Microsoft Social Listening is a tool which will provide a true understanding of your customers and help to build your business through the social web. Contact us for further queries or integration support.


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