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May 18, 2015 Madhavi Krishnayya

Dynamics CRM 2015 has a host of features which have been given a much needed uplift from CRM 2013 and moreover from CRM 2011. Hence, migration of solutions run into concerns during or after migration due to a variety of reasons. Here we will look at the issues which crop up concerning sitemap customizations when a managed solution is imported into a migrated environment.

Problem: When a solution is imported to a migrated environment with sitemap customizations, at times, the import might fail.

Let us understand why this happens.

A CRM environment will have sitemap customizations to add links to open web resources. Usually when migration is initiated, all such custom links will be removed from the environment and only the fresh CRM environment without any sitemap customizations will be available for use. But at times, traces of such customized links will remain in the environment, which might create issues in the migration process. When you try to import any solutions that include such sitemap customizations, it will fail with the error message: “solution integration failure – ‘Invalid web resource reference ’

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