Nov 14, 2014 Aathira Nair

Nalashaa offers Dynamics CRM upgrades at a fixed price as per system complexity, enhancing business capabilities without the added pricing uncertainty.

Nov. 11, 2014ISELIN, N.J. —Nalashaa, a custom product development company, today announced a fixed price solution for organizations looking for a Dynamics CRM upgrade. Nalashaa has been upgrading, developing and re-architecting Dynamics CRM solutions from CRM 1.2 to CRM 2013. The immense knowledge of the team, over years of cumulative experience, will deliver solutions within the stipulated time, cost effectively.

The Nalashaa team

1. Assesses client CRM system, and provides a charted plan for upgrade
2. Faultless transition process to the latest offerings from Microsoft Dynamics CRM with minimal business disruption

Experience is the key to every successful project from Nalashaa. Our primary aim is to upgrade users to the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, helping customers draw on the plethora of benefits offered today by Microsoft Dynamics suite of products, such as Social Listening, Yammer, Lync etc.

The team has successfully upgraded systems following the migration approach, ensuring a safe and secure rollback option exists during the tweaking and testing processes.

Migration to Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Dynamics CRM 2013 – migration-crm- 4-0-dynamics- crm-2013/

Fixed Price CRM Upgrade – microsoft-dynamics- crm-upgrade/

About Nalashaa

Nalashaa is a software product development company specializing in partnering with ISV and system integrators. Nalashaa helps to build an extended team offshore increasing your productivity and decreasing your time to market. They help in extending your development workday to a 16 hour cycle with programming and analysts specializing in various verticals.

A leader in custom product development, cloud mobility solutions, turnkey testing requirements and staff augmentation. Nalashaa brings in focus, efficiency and delivers product value from two global locations, New Jersey, USA and Bangalore, India.

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