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Jul 30, 2014 Aathira Nair

Spring ‘14 release of Dynamics CRM 2013 introduced Social Listening to all Dynamics CRM 2013 Professional License users. How is this Social Listening tool different from the many others which are available in the market today? Microsoft has aimed to deliver the social power to every user of the Dynamics CRM platform. A user maybe a marketer, a sales person or a customer care professional, but each of them can use social listening to serve their professional requirement. This is possible as it integrates to the Dynamics CRM 2013 platform which is accessible across the company.

How different users can benefit from a social CRM

  1. Marketer: Creating a platform for customers to interact with you must be based on the different needs of the customer. Social Listening helps you to understand trends by keyword research and setting up filters so that you get the information needed immediately. Following industry influencers will help in bringing content to the forefront, following trends and aligning marketing efforts with the market movement.
  2. Sales person: Closing deals is not as simple as before. Leads are well informed and connected, so knowing what they are looking for, what they are working on will always go a long way in impressing during sales talks. Social Listening helps to track prospective clients prior to every meeting and improve sales pitches
  3. Customer care: Social media is where every customer is, be it consumers of corporate clients. Building visibility on social networks, and addressing concerns when voiced about your service, can help in building credibility and in remaining connected to your audience. Social Listening will be the first step in building a social customer support system, ensuring brand loyalty

A social media influenced CRM needs to be aligned with the variety of audience your business caters to. For example, if you have clients spread across different continents and who speak different languages, then it is imperative that the CRM should be able to capture the sentiments for different languages and enable interaction in the different languages. Microsoft social listening has been extended in 5 native languages, so as to capture and analyze the data with natural language processing to determine the type of sentiments being expressed, providing accurate sentiment analysis.

Businesses and Social Listening

If you already use Dynamics CRM 2013, then starting to use Microsoft Social Listening is a no brainer.

Moving to a centralized platform which is accessible to all business divisions help in building a brand and capturing the true sentiments about the brand on social media.

What should you do on your CRM to utilize the benefits of Social Listening?

  1. Managing tweets and platforms is a breeze and creative teams can be used to innovate and better engage with prospective clients and customers. Analyzing mentions and social sentiments to devise an engagement plan is simpler with a centralized system. Dynamics CRM 2013 is capable of analyzing the data and building reports which will ensure you bring in the best of social to your customers.
  2. Analyzing sentiments and mentions over a period can provide a better understanding and concrete data as compared to marketing surveys, hence reducing market research investments
  3. Your customers and clients are on the social media, tracking and following the right keywords can open untapped sales opportunities

ROI from Social Listening

  • Reduced market research investments
  • Quickly solve service issues
  •  Understand leads better for a faster sales cycle
  • Improve customer engagement

Nalashaa has been pioneering in various Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 implementations and migration works. Microsoft Social Listening is a tool which will provide a true understanding of your customers and help to build your business through the social web.

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