Dynamics 365 vs. the competition: A deep-drive into its features and facts

Mar 13, 2020 Anjan Barman

Which CRM do you use? Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Zoho, SAP CRM or any other? Does the tool enable you to identify new areas of improvement and explore new horizons for growth, other than maintaining the regular daily operations? Today, CRM is not confined to just managing customer information, monitoring sales, offering customer service, and analyzing data but encompasses a lot more.

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Here are some of the reasons why Dynamics 365 beats its competition on all fronts.

Azure power

Today’s CRM tools have to be cloud-hosted. Among the countless advantages that cloud offers, the most significant ones include savings on data storage, easy scaling to tackle growth challenges, enhanced data security, better collaboration, and high performance. There may be the option of on-premises deployment and private hosting, but the importance of cloud can’t be overstated. Dynamics 365 uses the widely acknowledged Azure cloud as its nucleus. The advantages include ubiquitous access, enhanced data security, and mobile accessibility, among others.

Benefit: Enhanced accessibility and reduced operating costs


Microsoft allows businesses to manage their operations end-to-end under one roof with Dynamics 365. Be it sales, customer service, finance, or any other concern area, Dynamics 365 has modules tailored to the specific needs of every kind of enterprise. Organizations can go for any of the modules that are relevant to their business and pay accordingly. As the business scales, modules can be added depending on the changing functionality needs.

Benefit: Cost advantage and the flexibility to mix and match.

Fully integrated

Typical CRM systems require the user and the environmental process to conform to the software requirements that demand extensive coding and process changes. But with Dynamics, it’s the other way around; it comes with a wide variety of industry-standard integration protocols and ensures the seamless integration of 99.99% systems.

Benefit: A robust structure facilitating unhindered data exchange

App marketplace

An online app marketplace helps users publish apps or services and get access to new apps that precisely fit their needs and complement their existing digital tools. Although a few other competitors also have their own app repository, Dynamics 365 is in a league of its own. Microsoft offers hundreds of business tools that enhance the capability of Dynamics 365 and make it more business and customer-centric.

Benefit: Enhanced functional possibilities and added convenience

Interoperability with other Microsoft products

There is hardly any organization that doesn’t use Outlook 365, Office suite, SharePoint, or SQL Server. Dynamics 365, being a Microsoft product, doesn’t need any plug-ins to integrate thoroughly with other MS tools and solutions.

Benefit: Better native performance

Cost benefits

Dynamics 365, when compared to the corresponding functionalities of its competitors, is offered at a lower price. The monthly billing is quite predictive and allows the organization for better allocation of funds.

Benefit: Higher investments in other aspects of the business

Easy customization

Microsoft is constantly working towards making the platform customizable without the need for writing extensive codes, thus minimizing the dependency on external support. For cases where there is a code to be written, Microsoft has enabled all development options like C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web API, etc.

Benefit: Better analytics; reduced need for investing in other tools

Finally, the Microsoft brand

Dynamics 365 comes from Microsoft’s stable, one of the biggest tech giants known for its innovative solutions. The company has a reputation for extending unparalleled service to its customers and offers efficient solutions for every possible case scenario. They are also known for constantly refining their product and Dynamics 365 is also expected to introduce some out of the world features in the near future.

The true power of Dynamics 365 can only be realized once it’s deployed in the working environment. With its industry-leading features and scalable platform, it’s easy to see why Dynamics 365 emerges as the clear winner. Although the market is competitive, one CRM stands tall - Microsoft Dynamics 365.

If you wish to learn more about the business transforming capabilities of Dynamics 365, just share your details and we will reach out to you. Our seasoned Dynamics 365 team would help you with insightful suggestions to let you see new possibilities for your business.

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