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May 26, 2014 Aathira Nair

Today, there is a great emphasis on patient engagement and secure free access of information for patients for better quality healthcare. But, these avenues are not on the top of the mind as there are many other features which demand attention now as compared to relationship management.

Relationship management in healthcare industry is vitally important both for healthcare providers and patients (customers); therefore managing customer relationship is a key factor for healthcare providers to sustain their business in a competitive environment. With the development of Web 2.0 that carries a network paradigm, a Social CRM for healthcare industry is evolving.

A CRM can offer various collaborative services for patient, care givers and healthcare providers’ benefits. Healthcare providers can work towards servicing patient requirements without cutting into the care giving time. Integrating classic EHR systems with a CRM can help to coordinate and control the information flow enabling differentiated degree of access to sensitive information. These might not be a part of commercial CRMs available today, but expertise in various CRM products can help to create custom solutions which will going ahead meet the need of patients and providers.

Let us look at some circumstances wherein a CRM will help in removing inefficiencies and common bottlenecks.

  1. A patient who wants some specific health records usually have to go through various receptionists and nurses before the information is disbursed. This processing time can be greatly reduced with a central CRM system.
  2. A healthcare provider organization which is required to simultaneously report patient updates to various departments for a comprehensive diagnosis, can complete tasks quicker and assess the incoming diagnoses from all the departments using a CRM
  3. Government regulations and processes take a fair chunk of time in implementing and processing. Collaboration with central bodies can be simplified by using a CRM system, by altering the nature of document exchange and reducing the time for processing.

Going ahead, there would be a need for an integrated system which will help in bringing together procedures, billing and proactive health services. CRM would play a significant role in weaving in patient engagement and quality healthcare.

Dynamics CRM 2013 allows for coordinated, efficient care for patients and moreover Microsoft will also sign a HIPAA-Business Associate Agreement for Dynamics CRM Online customers if required. A Dynamics CRM partner, such as Nalashaa, can modify the CRM system to adhere to HIPAA guidelines of compliance where sensitive patient data is involved. Dynamics CRM 2013 also complies with European Union (EU) Safe Harbor Clause and is certified for ISO 27001 security benchmark.

Nalashaa brings in-depth Dynamics CRM expertise, coupled with SOLID design principles, to extend CRM and build strong custom healthcare solutions for our clients. A strong background in .Net programming stack ensures that the solutions we deliver are of top-notch quality and adhere to well established design and architectural patterns and practices.

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