Value-adding features of Dynamics 365 Sales 2020 release wave 1

Apr 17, 2020 Anjan Barman

Microsoft has recently announced the 2020 release wave 1 for Dynamics 365 where all modules of the tool would be augmented with new capabilities. The latest features have been designed in-line with contemporary challenges that enterprises are faced with. When harnessed smartly, the slew of features will significantly boost productivity.

In this post, we focus on the latest features of the Sales module of Dynamics 365 that would help organizations build rewarding relationships and enable them to handle all kinds of sales scenarios with tailor-made capabilities. These upgrades are the results of extensive research on the user experience of the tool, their vexations, and their desired features, with emphasis on simplified experiences, improved workflow, and mobile experience.

Here are the most exciting features of Dynamics 365 Sales 2020 release wave 1. They have been themed around process simplicity, forecasting, productivity, and sales acceleration.

Opportunity management with Kanban view

With the new features of Dynamics 365 Sales, users can build a new structured sales process with the Kanban view. Using the Kanban board with basic workflow, pipeline opportunities can be better monitored and sales workflows can be adhered to. Stakeholders get an added level of convenience as they can easily move sales opportunities from one stage to another just by dragging them.

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Business benefits:

  • Easy to set and follow the customer journey roadmap & process policies, helping sales reps stay focused.
  • A transparent process with ubiquitous mobile access, enabling managers to help reps with faster delivery of values.
  • Better tracking of opportunities to meet sales targets.
  • Easy spotting of problems, obstacles, or bottlenecks and their effective elimination.

Activity management tools

A typical customer journey has several touchpoints that involve different individuals who must ensure first-rate collaboration among themselves to leverage the opportunities and leads. Such collaborations include the creation and assignment of new tasks and their flawless execution. Even though the common sales tools offer features to manage these activities, their efficacy is limited and the user experience is below par. Dynamics 365 addresses these with its sales activity management features to manage and assign tasks across the team.

Business benefits:

  • Tools to create, edit, and delete activities, monitor their progress, and update their status with a visualized calendar view from the main page. An improved interface with filters for better control and higher productivity.
  • Manage the sales pipeline with drag-and-drop features that enable multitasking.
  • Email templates with automatic data entry for unified communication.

Advance forecasting capabilities

The common methodologies used by businesses for identifying hot leads and conducive sales environments don’t always pay off. The new features of Dynamics 365 Sales enable accurate sales predictions with flexible configurations and filtering options that can be applied to all sales categories and conditions.

Business benefits:

  • Flexible ML-models with selective access for predicting the probability of opportunities with “What-If” scenarios.
  • Adjustment tools so that forecasts are in-sync with evolving market conditions and changing dynamics of deals.
  • Insightful visual representation of pipeline opportunities & forecast data and automatic updating of forecast values with near real-time data.

Sales Insights

Sales figures are essentially the result of how smartly the organization handles relevant data. Building customer relationships helps pursue the right sales opportunities. Dynamics 365 Sales Insights uses the capabilities of Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure, Microsoft AI, and LinkedIn to give a 360-degree view of customer engagements.

Business benefits:

  • Actionable insights and relevant recommendations for high productivity, better management of pipelines, and enhanced customer relationships.
  • AI and ML-driven intelligence to automate mundane tasks, offer sales guidance, build lasting relationships, prioritize prospects, and devise strategies.
  • Relationship health analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify contact information updates and detect action items.

Conversation intelligence

Sales leaders can monitor all conversation threads and extract insights to help reps close deals faster. They can also monitor individual performance and devise performance enhancement plans.

Business benefits:

  • Real-time insights and emotion analysis for sellers to close deals easily.
  • Deeper and information-rich product demonstrations for salespeople with the expansion of the Spatial Notes.

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