Dynamics 365 Marketing 2020 release wave 1– salient features

Apr 23, 2020 Anjan Barman

The 2020 release wave 1 of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing elevates the experience of personalized marketing with multiple third-party integrations for high performance and scalability. Its highlight is the significant reduction in the click count with tools for better content management & customer journey design, and insights for improving relationships.

The Dynamics 365 Marketing 2020 release wave 1 updates include fundamental feature enhancements and performance upgrades. They revolve around campaign automation, demand generation, efficient creation of marketing materials, prospect capture, and extension of engagements. Efforts have been channelized towards cutting down on the involvement of technical experts by empowering marketers with smart automation and recommendations.

Enhanced email messaging

Since marketers depend heavily on emails to reach out to their prospects, the wave 1 release offers tools with interface updates for creating personalized emails based on prospects’ transactional data. In addition to generating quality emails, it also saves substantial time for the stakeholders. There are options to prevent outdated emails from being sent out and identify people not receiving emails.

  • Improved customer journey with the option to set an expiration date on emails that have time-sensitive content.
  • Upgraded email templates with drag & resize controls and color picker controls to design emails that get clicked and read.
  • Other features include picture-over-picture, button-over-picture, improved test-send functionalities to test emails, error checking options, and testing of emails with dynamic content.
  • Context-based journeys based on recent transactions and updated emails based on the customer journey touchpoints.

More conveniences with AI and ML

Like all modules of Dynamics 365, Marketing too relies heavily on AI and ML to deliver accurate business insights and extra convenience to users. The wave 1 release of the module introduces AI-backed features that boost the accuracy of targeted marketing efforts, help tweak marketing assets, and improve the conversion rate by maximizing customer engagement.

  • Automated scheduler to send marketing emails to contacts when they are most likely to be checking their emails. Accurate time-window to send the emails based on the historical data of the contacts.
  • Improved segment management by intelligently combining behavioral and demographic data within the dynamic segment editor.
  • AI-based spam checker helps marketers ensure minimum spam score for their emails by diagnosing and mitigating any issues with the content. Marketers can assess the spam risks and take the necessary actions.
  • Customer Insights integration with Marketing Insights with access to demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data of customers and prospects. Users also get access to specialized Customer Insights segments based on churn rate, lifetime value, affinities, etc.

Effective event management

The latest upgrades make event management an effortless experience with significant improvements in marketing forms, leading to a remarkably efficient registration process.

  • The option to create and design forms for event registration using a familiar drag-and-drop interface.
  • The new features allow event registration forms to be embedded into third-party content management systems (CMS).
  • The flexibility to create and edit emails and event forms from the event entity itself.

Other improvements

Some other exciting features of the wave 1 release 2020 that make Dynamics 365 Marketing the best marketing tool include enhancements in Survey tools, Compliance assistance, and detailed analytics of marketing initiatives.

  • Integrated Forms Pro to create and conduct surveys to fine-tune marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Survey responses can be automated and the data can be used for advanced segmentation and customer profiling.
  • Consolidation of notifications and messages regarding GDPR. Historical view of GDPR consent-level changes and subscription-list without having to build any report.
  • The option to export marketing data to Excel and view the results there itself for better analysis of the impact of marketing campaigns.

Harness the possibilities of Dynamics 365 with Nalashaa

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. The marketing efforts of your organization have a significant bearing on sales figures. This is why businesses use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to reach out to their prospects, inform about their offerings, engage them, and help the sales team make a powerful pitch while fostering better relationships with the customer. The latest updates of the Dynamics 365 Marketing module make it even more customer-centric with rich personalized engagement and automation.

The team of Dynamics 365 at Nalashaa can help you leverage the full capabilities of the latest features of the solution. Over the years, our end-to-end services from ideation and implementation to upgrade and support have enabled our global clients to reap rich benefits and realize ambitious growth figures. Reach out to us to know how we can transform the way your marketing team operates and help you maximize your ROI.

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