MS Dynamics 365 HR 2020 release wave 1: Powering your workforce

Apr 29, 2020 Anjan Barman

The latest Dynamics 365 Human Resources features upgrade the comprehensive personnel management solution with new conveniences. Striking improvements in leave administration, compliance & employee benefits management, and data security enhancements, in addition to self-service capabilities and intelligent automation comprise the best attractions.

Like every department in any modern organization, the Human Resource workforce needs modern tools to deliver quality outcomes and create rich employee experiences. Since employees are the bloodline of businesses, keeping them engaged and empowered with productivity arsenals is the key. For this, the HR team must have enough time to invest in value-adding tasks rather than the routine and tedious ones, and the features of the wave 1 release precisely address this.

Flexible leave management

Seamless leave and absence management is now easier with the new features that allow members to accrue their time-off on their terms while meeting the company and regional policies. Employees can even trade leaves as per their payroll wages and terms.

  • Employees can accrue leaves based on full-time equivalent (FTE). The solution offers features to configure accrual rounding and expiration rules.
  • Rules can be configured for carrying forward and adjusting leaves. Managers get the features to suspend employee leaves based on leave dates.
  • Employees can plan their time-offs better by establishing the perfect sync among the company calendar, manager calendar, and their individual calendar.
  • Leave balance adjustments are enhanced with the added features of reason codes and adjustment comments.
  • Employees can buy and sell leaves against their pay by configuring the rates.

Rolling out the perfect employee benefit plan

Dynamics 365 Human Resources makes it easy for the HR workforce to plan, devise, configure, and roll out elaborate employee benefit schemes in line with your organization’s policies. The array of options facilitates flexibility for better handling of tricky scenarios.

  • Users can create tailored benefit bundles and programs along with eligibility rules.
  • For the ease of employees, there’s a single summarized view of the qualified plans along with the coverage options.
  • The Advanced Benefits features make employee credit programs transparent by facilitating the use of individual plans to establish credit programs. There are other rule-based settings to support employee life events.
  • The option of online benefits enrollment along with the auto-enroll empowers employees to avail of the benefits that best fit them, all through a shopping cart experience.
  • They can update the benefits as per their present and future life events (marriage, child-birth, etc.).

Harnessing digital data

Since the best decisions are always data-driven, this update includes several enhancements in the way Dynamics 365 HR users treat data to achieve productivity and build employee experiences.

  • HR data manipulation details to all stakeholders promote transparency and accountability. Product owners get the option of enabling specific data for editing along with inquiry forms.
  • Advanced security configuration grants HR professionals the ‘access by role’ capability to control employee information.
  • A decent number of improvements to Common Data Service to support the different needs of integrations, extensibility, and reporting.

Get expert assistance to leverage Dynamics 365 Human Resources

The true possibilities of this versatile tool can only be realized when it’s fully integrated with your workplace ecosystem. This demands specialized services of a transformation expert who builds solutions tailored to your business workflows. We are one such partner whose extensive experience in this domain has enabled them to master the ins and outs of developing custom HR tools. Connect with one of our experts for a quick chat and learn how our customer-centric approach can elevate the performance of your HR team across multiple areas.

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