Dynamics 365 2020 release wave 1- Customer Service

Apr 21, 2020 Anjan Barman

The 2020 release wave 1 of Dynamics 365 Customer Service has been aimed at further improving the already advanced features of the module to enable agents to offer unparalleled customer service with ease. The emphasis has been not only on enhancing customer experience but also on boosting agent productivity by leveraging the possibilities of AI, ML, and process automation.

The significant features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service have been further upgraded by its wave 1 release for the year. All problems faced by customer support agents spanning across self and assisted scenarios in both omnichannel and multichannel engagements have been aptly addressed. Ml and AI have been extensively used to empower agents to deliver machine-backed assistance that leads to customer satisfaction and retention. The updates have been centered on omnichannel capabilities, service agent productivity, and connected customer service.

Upgraded Omnichannel and Connected Service

Omnichannel for Customer Service allows customers to reach out to the business on their terms. It offers a unified experience across channels via a unified interface, promoting high-level responsiveness for quality service. With IoT capabilities, agents can quickly identify issues in customers’ devices and proactively resolve them.

Value propositions

  • App for contextual customer identification, real-time notification, and integrated communication; tools for remote management of agents.
  • WhatsApp, SMS, WeChat, and LINE messaging as a support channel to service customers.
  • Internal support to employees with Microsoft Teams as the engagement channel.
  • Tools to define thresholds for customer sentiment shift and monitor sentiment drifts.
  • Supervisors get tools for real-time and historical visibility & insights into customer experience and agent performance across all channels.
  • Enhanced supervisor experience with drill-down metrics on agent efficiency to help agents deliver better service.
  • Real-time alerts to allow agents to quickly respond to customers.
  • Feature to elevate conversations from live chat to voice/video calls.
  • APIs and related artifacts to integrate third-party remote assistance solutions.
  • IoT capabilities to convert alerts to support case and manage IoT registered devices & alerts.

Intelligent Insights

AI, ML, IoT, and Business Intelligence (BI)-backed Service Insights extends analytics and actionable conclusions for better decision-making to offer first-rate customer support. It parses support case data and groups similar cases into autogenerated topics. Data is then processed to enable service managers to identify critical issues and take the necessary actions.

Value propositions

  • Dashboards showing key business metrics and insights. Users can use customer insights data in custom reports and analytical solutions.
  • Intelligent suggestions to identify support topics for virtual agents with Power Virtual Agents, promoting self-service opportunities for customers.
  • Prioritization and rule-based automatic and manual routing of cases to address backlogs and urgencies.

Agent productivity tools

The latest features allow agents to close service tickets faster by giving them access to an even wider knowledge repository that comes handy particularly while dealing with less common and complex issues.

Value propositions

  • The updates have further simplified the layout to search, locate, read, and act on the knowledge base.
  • Increased the efficiency of service reps by allowing them to cut and paste formatted content from Office documents with a modern toolbar.
  • Reduce the number of clicks on the queue page by displaying all case details on the same page.
  • Insights into customer history with keyword search filter, and case status, and rich text notes for case details.
  • Macros for task automation allow the creation of decision branches to add logical conditions to ensure agent productivity and service consistency.
  • Accurate resource scheduling with Power Control Framework (PCF) calendar control.

Identify case patterns

Service managers always look for a pattern of the most commonly occurring cases and try to standardize the proven resolution approach to expedite the process. For this, they need extensive case details along with reporting and analytical capabilities. The wave 1 features of the Customer Service module allow this through the customization of the Case Resolution dialog box. Using this, stakeholders can analyze case details, study market patterns & competitors, and devise future strategies and predict opportunities.

Value propositions

  • It lets users add new fields such as resolution type to the form/dialog box.
  • Users can also introduce new client-side business validations and remove existing ones.
  • They get the option to select between the non-customizable modal dialog experience and customizable form experience.

Better communication

To ensure delivery of the right level of support, Service level agreements (SLAs) are critical. They also help set and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) for better outcomes. The new release also extends email assistance through templates for unhindered communication with customers.

Value propositions

  • Quick Replies’ configuration for welcome scripts, greetings, and questions.
  • Microsoft Power Automate enables administrators to configure actions and notifications for SLAs.
  • Tools for authoring emails in a pop-up, non-blocking window.

Other significant features

A few other features that make the Customer Service module of Dynamics 365 a highly refined tool tailored to the current and future challenges of all customer service businesses.

Value propositions

  • Individuals with entry-level Team Member license can address self-service support scenarios. With the new app module Customer Service Team Member, they can create and update support cases.
  • Customer Service Hub app by default.
  • Tools for business continuity while migrating to the new Unified Interface.

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