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Oct 31, 2014 Aathira Nair

Business sales have been changing since the advent of internet. It has been a slow and steady change which has been led by social media primarily, amongst a host of other features which were unleashed by the internet. First week, October, Microsoft announced that it will offer a Sales Productivity solution that combines Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional, Office 365 and Power BI analytics to deliver a sales solution which will help sales professionals work seamlessly with various business applications and in turn, better productivity.

On an average, 2 out of 5 sales professionals say, time is the most valuable asset. With a small window to get the prospective clients, getting all the information on the go, and increasing sales productivity is essential. Time management is not only required for better productivity, it also is seen to maximize sales.

Common issues faced by the sales team:

  1. Missing leads, or follow ups for existing leads
  2. Lack of compelling information on potential leads
  3. Incomplete information prior to sales meetings/calls
  4. Lack of knowledge on specific customer issues and requirements

Dynamics CRM Online along with Office 365 offers a personalized service to customers and nurtures stronger relationships amongst the sales team. This helps to drill down on the pipeline quickly and close deals faster. The Sales productivity solution is an all-encompassing one, with collaboration and customer intelligence tools inbuilt into the system.

Social Listening: Monitoring and participating on social channels to understand people sentiments and brand

Businesses work in today’s world with a seamless exchange of information from one stage to the other without much re-works. This offers a user-driven, intuitive experience, helping sales professionals work towards their goal and cater to customer requirements quickly. Each individual draws varied inferences, as per their job requirements from the same data set. Power BI analytic helps to bring the data collected into perspective, for quick analysis and inferences.

The Sales productivity solution offers a method to allow for all leads, contacts and information to be available in a single system, making it easy to share information and be apprised of customer current needs. Sales professionals can work to prioritize their time to speed up activities with promising leads, draw on social insights and help from the company network to close deals.

Sales and Marketing are two functions which have been pulled close together with the advent of social media. Picking on leads from social media, using Social Listening, enabling collaboration through Yammer, Lync and Office 365, and bringing in data analytic in the all familiar Excel format has helped Dynamics CRM to be seen as the most compelling solution for sales professionals.

Contact us today to understand how your organization can utilize the Sales Productivity solution to better sales and marketing efforts. Know more about our Microsoft Dynamics Expertise.

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