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Jun 09, 2014 Aathira Nair


Microsoft has focused in the past one year on redesigning the user interface and towards implementing a rapid six month release cycle. Alongside, three acquisitions have added specific function centric features making Dynamics CRM 2013 a better product especially, for the sales and marketing teams.

The spring release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1 comes after additions from its two major acquisitions aimed at bettering the CRM platform. First, being MarketingPilot and the second Netbreeze. The integration of these two new tools into CRM will help to bring market leading social analytics and monitoring capacity to the growing marketing management system.

Marketers of today have to find a voice for their brand in the world out there, where new products and services are offered every day. And, each having a difference, which is claimed to be the deciding factor.

How do you create a mark and get noticed? 

The Microsoft Dynamics Marketing brings in planning, marketing and analysis all into the CRM platform, helping marketers work on campaigns, build pipelines, listen and engage on social media platforms and most importantly demonstrate the impact of their efforts. Heat maps and trends are some of the advanced Business Intelligence (BI) tools which will make the life of every marketer a tad simpler.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing delivers a solution aimed at:

  1. automation and instant reporting to boost effectiveness and maximize revenue building opportunities
  2. bringing in a single platform solving the ever prominent concern of fragmented marketing solutions
  3. understanding how their customers feel about their brand through Microsoft Social Listening
  4. bringing an integrated system helping marketers rake the advantages of InsideView for powerful insights

Microsoft Social Listening

A recent study states that 90 % of consumers would recommend a brand once interacting with them on a social platform. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 SP 1 comes inbuilt with Microsoft Social Listening, to track products, brands, competitors, and campaigns worldwide, and to gain a true understanding of your customers and business across the social web.

You can comb the web to track sentiments and identify top influencers and get competitive insights.  All the social information is represented in easy to comprehend charts enabling quick, simple marketing decisions. It also tracks information in 19 languages across Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and videos.

Let us take a quick look at what Social Listening can offer:

  1. Monitor all mentions about your brand much beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It also includes blogs, forums and other online communities.
  2. Analyze trends in social sentiments on the web, helping marketers predict and ride the wave
  3. Competitive tracking helps work on negative sentiments and turn them to leads for a business
  4. Presorted list of social sentiments, helping you filter out noise and cut the manual work

Marketing, as a function, has transformed the most in the past few years, with the social media boom and the changing ways in which the social media is being used to bring awareness and build leads. Dynamics CRM 2013, with its Spring Release has enabled the 21st century marketer plan his approach to a customer, and offers them tools and insights which will help them accomplish these demanding tasks.

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