Dynamics 365 For Customer Relationships Amidst the Pandemic

Oct 08, 2020 Anjan Barman

The onslaught of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to the verge of closure and bankruptcy, but it has also underscored the role of customer service in the success of an organization. While the threats to life and livelihood cannot be underplayed, business leaders and employees can’t sit idle at home forever. Even in the face of extreme economic hardships, they must keep striving to generate leads and sales and keep their existing customers happy with exemplary customer service. Although a silver bullet is unlikely before the discovery of a vaccine, smart leaders have started to see light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the immense possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Here’s a brief on how some of the unique capabilities of Dynamics 365 are empowering businesses to extend unflinching support to their customers during these testing times.

Recognize the Right Customers

With most organizations operating with a skeleton staff and other resources depleting sharply, businesses have to play smart. For continuity of operations, they must recognize the right leads and prospects to steady their rocking revenue boat. They can’t afford to target promotions and other lead generating efforts at just any random section of the mass.

Dynamics 365, being data-driven, can apply high-level analytics to identify the right audience, and devise a sure-fire engagement plan through emails and social media platforms. It can sift through bulky raw data in the database, and identify sales-inclined buyers from it. Dynamics 365 can help tailor communications and send them while ensuring the highest likelihood of intended consumption.

Optimizing service operations

With alarmingly low sales and revenue flow, businesses are staring at a terrible cash crunch as a major obstacle to their post-corona rebound efforts. For the service team, optimizing capital, operations, and inventory is the need of the hour to help the management with accurate resource allocation. Also, since organizations have already realized the role that contactless operations would be playing hereafter, leaders are exploring innovative digital models to navigate the unprecedented change the world is experiencing.

Dynamics 365 has always been a no-brainer for businesses for resource and revenue optimization. It can be the magic potion to see through this difficult phase by migrating customers to digital channels to boost satisfaction and save on operating costs. Digital surveys and feedback platforms can be introduced to solicit employee and customer feedback and actionable insights can be drawn to fine-tune evolving workflows. Dynamics 365 lets service managers identify and act on ‘failure modes’, thus ensuring that no customer signal is missed by the team. It helps manage optimum inventory levels, sends auto alerts for stock depletion, gives a bird-eye view as well as drill-down of service cases, and suggests the most-cost effective and the next-best actions to serve customers. Managers can also redefine their SLA management process for optimum outputs.

Quality customer support

With the majority of the CS staff unavailable, CX leaders are forced to think of ways to ensure that their service teams remain engaged, healthy, effective, and productive, despite working remotely. With tasks such as field service, and other customer-facing jobs taking the worst hit, leaders are counting on Dynamics 365 as their vehicle to unparalleled service in times of distress like this.

Dynamics 365 delivers a revolutionary omnichannel engagement that simplifies customer service across digital messaging platforms. Virtual ticketing and chatbot assistance compensate for the reduction in the customer-facing staff and allow stakeholders to monitor case progress remotely and initiate corrective measures whenever required. To combat the field service worry, Dynamics 365 extends AI-backed predictive and preventive maintenance that lets the service team to be prepared for upcoming cases well in advance and even avoid the need for service with timely alerts for system malfunctioning and anomalies.

A Humane, Personalized experience

The virus has been hard on everyone, and it’s critical for businesses to let their customers know that the company shares their concerns and hardships and has interests that extend beyond mere profit reaping. The silver lining is that it has presented a platform to businesses to show their empathy for their customer base and spell out the steps they are taking to help customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Dynamics 365 lets businesses gauge the popular customer sentiment by collecting real-time data from channels such as social media, website interactions, and even customer history to predict what customers need at present. For creating personalized messages and customer service experience, the AI factor of Dynamics 365 comes into play. Communications can be tailored according to consumer behavior, characteristics (age group, gender, income, etc.), needs, and expectations to secure the maximum mileage while offering genuine support to all stakeholders.

Reimagine post-COVID customer experience with Dynamics 365

The pandemic has brought massive shifts in consumer behavior, preferences, and expectations. Current trends are suggesting that the post-Covid consumer would be even more digitally inclined, indicating a sharp rise in the e-commerce landscape and other digital customer service models. This leaves businesses with little time to acclimatize to the new digital or remote models of operating and align customer experiences with the ‘new normal’.

We, at Nalashaa, leverage our years of IT experience to empower you to embrace the new definition of customer service in the post-Covid era. We build tailored solutions on Dynamics 365 to help you and your team adopt the customer-centric mindset in a cost-efficient way. We radically simplify your tasks such as service ticketing, case triaging & monitoring, optimizing service-level agreements, and others to foster a super-agile and AI-backed CX ecosystem.

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