Dynamics 365 busts all CRM myths held by sales teams

Jan 20, 2020 Anjan Barman

Notwithstanding the proven benefits of using an AI-power CRM software like the Microsoft Dynamics 365, some businesses and sales head dismiss its utility straight away. Even if they are aware of its capabilities, misapprehensions surrounding its complexities and price prove to be a deterrent. The following is an attempt to debunk some of the common myths that keep salespeople from harnessing the power of a CRM (read Microsoft Dynamics 365).

Myth 1

Data input is inconvenient and time-consuming

Dynamics 365 facts

  • Easy integration with Office 365 tools for easy entry of records
  • Features like Quick Entry and scanning business cards into records accelerate data entry
  • Automation of routine tasks
Dynamics 365 offers seamless integration with Office 365 suite to streamline processes and save time. The CRM comes with several out of the box features to make data input more efficient and easy. New contacts can be created just by scanning business cards, saving users the trouble of creating a new one every time.

Myth 2

CRM is complex

Dynamics 365 facts

  • Interactive dashboards and intuitive UI/UX
  • A unified view of data from LinkedIn, Office 365
  • Unified processes
Using a CRM is not any tougher than using a smartphone and doesn’t demand extensive training. Data consolidation, interactive and informative dashboards, streamlining of complex processes, and introducing transparency to workflows break down sale silos to reduce complexities and raise efficiency.

Myth 3

Chances of data loss and leakage

Dynamics 365 facts

  • Cloud storage ensures the absolute security of data
  • Selective access for better control
When it’s a question of data storage and retrieval, on-premises systems come nowhere near cloud. Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, offers unparalleled security intelligence to identify and block data threats. Cloud reduces the dependency on paperwork and password changes and allows the team to focus on core sale activities. Role-based and group access further secures confidential business data.

Myth 4

CRM is passive and offers no significant help in lead management

Dynamics 365 facts

  • Embedded view of data helps identify and contact top prospects
  • AI insights and predictive lead scoring for better pitch
  • Tracking interactions with leads and prospects for quick closures
Dynamics 365 provides AI-backed actionable insights throughout the sale cycle that prove invaluable in closing deals quickly. LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration gives access to relevant contacts and prospects while intelligent recommendations and contextual guidance save valuable time. The functionalities of Power BI give a clear view of relationship health and allow for prompt actions and lead nurturing.

Myth 5

No role in collaboration

Dynamics 365 facts

  • Unified view/ data from Outlook and Teams enhances collaboration
  • Ubiquitous mobile access helps monitor account status in real-time
  • Contacts of all decision-makers and industry influencers from LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Tailor engagements based on contextual insights
Integration with tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint facilitates unhindered data and document sharing. Document versioning eliminates any scope of confusion and round the clock access from mobile devices allows sale executives to constantly monitor pipeline status. Managers can create engagements for team motivation and clients based on individual needs.

Myth 6

It’s only for the top management

Dynamics 365 facts

  • Easy reporting
  • Tools to build sales proposals
  • Performance monitoring, goal setting
Reporting complexities are grossly cut down for executives by the several out-of-the-box system report templates. Proposal building, auto-quoting, and invoicing tools facilitate the creation of winning plans. Individual performance monitoring, goal setting, and data-driven insights help boost employee morale.

Business leaders should be at the forefront when it comes to embracing changes, particularly the ones that can supercharge the organization. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one such change that helps your sales team achieve more with better attainment of quotas.

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Benefits of CRM in sales

Benefits or CRM in sales

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